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Lifestyle habits that can boost your longevity
It’s no secret that a number of body systems start to decline as you get older. Between aching knees and trouble hearing, aging can seem like a pretty raw deal. But new research is showing that the ravages of age aren’t always as permanent as we assumed them to be. More Food Facts
I always knew food is like medicine. I’m sure you did too. Deepak Chapra said your body is like a pharmacy. Your body heals itself with the right food and lifestyle. Deepak Chopra is a controversial advocate blending eastern way of healing with western medicine. Definitely a debatable subject. There are merits to what he says.
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I start my day with a glass of tepid water and fresh lemon juice. I use lemons to boosts the immune system. It is always good for combating stroke, cancer, preventing asthma. A block for diabetis and lemons decreases the risk of obesity and heart disease. Lately, I have started to grate ginger in my morning drink. When I get a headache (seldom) I go straight for my mint tea. I keep mints in my purse too. Yes, it works! Headache is gone.

As you age your digestive system slows down. You can take a digestive aide in pills and capsules or have some dried papaya (or fresh) on hand. When you have a meal take the papaya to get those digestive juices going. Megala’s Kitchen (comment below) reminded me that ginger is good for digestion and nausea. Add ginger to a morning drink  and you can be sure you will feel good.


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  1. Joëlle says:

    Very useful! Printing it to post on the fridge, more for people who stop by than for us: since our diet change 4 years ago, the only thing left in our medicine cabinet is an inhaler for the asthma my husband very occasionally has. We are thinking of trying the lemon morning drink to see if it will further improve his immune system. Thank you for all the helpful posts you have on this blog.

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