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Simply Splendid Food is my greatest passion. Over 20 years of research, perusing through cookbooks and meeting my favorite chefs is always a joy. I have taken classes and attended events in North America, Europe and Africa as well as attending  culinary schools in Toronto.  I have experimented with good paring of foods that produce a ‘simply splendid‘ taste. You will be going to “flavour town” in this blog. Learning to improvise with whatever I have on hand, I produced some amazing results to my own surprise.  At times, it is challenging and always exciting to put your culinary knowledge to the test. It reminds me of the cooking show “Chopped”.  No grocery stores for the next 80 kilometers (50 miles). Making quick appetizers with unexpected guests at the lake house will quickly separate the gourmands from the short order cooks. My friends and family have encouraged me to share my tips and knowledge with you about good food and food preparation.

For instance, let’s talk about the chicken. There is a right way, a wrong way and the best way to prepare this fabulous fowl. I will provide you with simply splendid food preparation for all your dishes from appetizers and entrees to desserts.

Cooking is my creative endeavor in life.  I enjoyed cooking courses and classes in my favorite food cities of New Orleans, Toronto, Paris and London. I recently completed the culinary program at George Brown College. Their campus is a pleasant 5 minute walk from my home ( in Toronto, ON, Canada ).  eva_runningWith a scientific and clinical background,  I instinctively analyze recipes and ingredients to extrapolate results that are sometimes out of the limits  of the “norm”.  I had to think of ways to fit good tasting and nutritious foods into my busy schedule.   On weekends, I would prepare a  dish.  As soon as I was satisfied with the outcome of my food creation,  I would start to work on a new recipe or an ingredient that would catch my interest.  Before starting a new recipe, I will refer to at least 3 books.  Julia Child, Thomas Keller and James Peterson are my prime go to chefs.   I reference other volumes of cookbooks in my culinary library.  I do not jest. I have bound copies of Gourmet magazine. ( The first  U.S. magazine devoted to food and wine; 1941-2009 ). My eyes would light up when the next Gourmet magazine appeared at the newsstand!

Recently Massimo Bottura, the 3 Star Michelin Chef – joined us at a gala event at George Brown College. Massimo said that he had been asked many times to appear on TV shows and would always decline their invitations. When invited to join new and promising chefs at various school, Massimo always said YES! It was delightful to hear him speak with such dedication and support for other chefs. In the same evening, Massimo had a book signing for his latest book “Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef”. (He is skinny!) It was about Massimo’s journey in the culinary world. A wonderful read! It was a thrill to have my very own signed copy.

Simply Splendid Food is what we will provide to you. Treat your senses, savor the tastes and enjoy the flavours of our culinary creations.


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  1. Arthur Galwin says:

    Have tried the sundried tomato dip on goat cheese. Wonderful! My guests polished it off quickly .
    Interesting and valuable comments . I particularly like the technical tips e.g.freezing food in glass
    Going to try the spicy salmon recipe next but using the local fish called “corvina” here in Panama



    • Simply Splendid Food says:

      Thanks for the nomination at ‘Dragons Loyalty Award’ Stephy! …from one food aficionado to another. I enjoy your blog – stephysweetbakes.com – very much. You give real meaning to the Joy of Cooking!


  2. Shari says:

    Thank you for recently stopping by my blog! I loved it when you described your blog as “flavor town”. It makes me want to try all of your recipes. That is always my goal when cooking, to have a dish that is packed with flavor. Best wishes to you in your blogging! I look forward to connecting further.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shari says:

    Hi, Thanks for recently following my blog! I have a question for you about that if you don’t mind. Since I transferred my blog to cookazido.com, I have been having trouble with people signing up for the old site instead of the new one. How did you sign up for it? Was it at the old site? If so, please stop by the new site when you get a chance and subscribe there as you won’t get notified of the new posts if you don’t. Thank you so much for your interest in Cook AZ I Do. I just wanted to ask you to make sure every thing was working correctly. Any feedback you can give me is much appreciated!


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