Single Servings

Are you an executive or a professional that does not have time to prepare good wholesome meals at home? You have come to the right place for your culinary delights. Stay tuned for healthy gourmet meals that are easy to prepare. Only simply splendid food tips and recipes will be published here.

cook-booksTrends, Insights and Execution in Preparing Meals and Entrées for the Single FOOD LOVER
Today, we embark on the successful single professional that loves good food but never has time to make the great meals they enjoy so much. Right now, you order out, eat at restaurants or whip up something fast at home with mediocre taste. Cupboards are filled with prepared items just waiting for that can opener.

You may not have the culinary skills of a chef. But, you enjoy good food and don’t want to be a master chef or read volumes of cook books to get quick, healthy meals that taste simply splendid. Is that you? Get ready to go to flavour town. I have read volumes of cookbooks and taken culinary courses in food preparation. With a love of good food and exciting variations, I have been preparing many delicacies that I am happy to share with you – just you! The single happy, healthy professional. (You will be.)

~ SINGLE SERVINGS ~ Healthy Alternative
SPICY ROASTED SALMON is a tasty way to prepare salmon. Poached or pan fried salmon is so tedious, tiresome and boring. Coat your salmon with a spicy rub before roasting it. You can make extra rub and store it for next time, or prepare roasted acorn squash with the same rub.


With the Internet in full swing, we have a lot of information about our health, healthy foods and living a good life. I buy organic as much as possible. Yes, this is a trend that seems to be growing. Several years ago, you could not find organic produce. Now, it is taking over the produce sections of grocery stores. Another trend in food is Quinoa. Quinoa [KEEN-wah] has become a staple in my kitchen. I prepare quinoa: hot and cold. Did you know this grain contains all of the essential amino acids? That is why it is at the top of the grain family. You may have trouble preparing it. I am going to show you how to make it so tasty that your taste buds will be singing your praises. Seriously, there always is the right way, the wrong way and the best way to prepare any dish. The best is coming your way. Tasting is believing. You will discover delightful foods with the right pairing of herbs, spices and cooking methods.

Remember when the Frozen TV dinners were developed in 1953 by C.A. Swanson & Sons? Some of you were not even born in 1953. But you were born into the world of frozen entrees and side dishes. Larger frozen single-serve dishes have declined in the past 2 years by 5%. Frozen side dishes fell 8%.

Prepare your own frozen meals

Prepare your own frozen meals

Consumers are interested in natural and organic ingredients and no additives or preservatives. You can freeze your own meals from soup, stock, to grapes. I freeze everything in glass mason jars. If you saw the movie REDS 2 (Bruce Willis), it starts off at Costco. The actors were talking about making meals at home INSTEAD OF GOING OUT FOR DINNER because they were more nutritious. What a plug for healthy eating! I am happy to say this is definitely a new trend.

BON APPETITE! and enjoy your simply splendid meal!


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