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Sometimes I am asked where is your “Watermelon Salad” or, Roasted Vegetable Recipe I am compiling a recipe book to organize my recipes for an easy find. It should be ready for Christmas. This eBook proceeds will be going to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, ON, Canada. After another 120 recipes It will be published as the 2nd edition You will have such a variety, you will not get bored.

The First “Written” Recipe

The Columella Salad“, named for its author, Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella (370-404 AD), a Roman farmer. Columella penned the first book of recipes starting with a garden salad. This salad is the perfect side dish and fits easily on any modern menu. Published by

First Written RECIPE ==>

The Antica Pesa (The Antique Scales)- a trendy celebrity restaurant in Rome that takes its inspiration from recipes by Columella.


Fourth generation Chef /owner Simone Panella developed his recipes in his  family’s restaurant.  Among the honors and awards, Antica Pesa received the prized Michelin star in 2012 and still listed in the Michelin Guide.

Antica Pesa  was the location for collecting taxes on wheat using scales It was also a grainery and soon became a meeting place for the locals who drank coffee and enjoyed local snacks and fresh baked bread. This former Vatican tax post was converted into the eatery by 1922.  Fourth generation owner and executive chef, Simone Panella said “His recipes are his own. But, in these modern times, he had to change the recipes to become more lighter.”
This is our philosophy at Simply Splendid Food as  we strive towards healthy eating.

A 4335

We often use our mom’s recipes like Lidia Bastianich of Lidia’s Italy : American-Italian dishes.

An homage to Julia CHILD: These ladies are adorned with pearl necklaces. A lovely tribute to our beloved Julia Child!

Julia Child Brought French Recipes To America

Julia Child was most likely the first American female to graduate from the prestigious French Cordon Bleu cooking school.  The Cordon Bleu  boasts of having the highest level of culinary experts to train young chefs and foodies alike. Even though they have their roots in France, you can now  find a “Cordon Bleu Culinary Schools almost anywhere around the world in countries such as Peru and Australia. Their reach is far and wide.

FIRST TV  COOKING SHOW by Julia Child First
Julia Child was the first to host her own cooking show on TV. You can see that Julia Child is getting a workout whipping those eggs on her TV show (no food processor invented yet) . She even shows you how to fix a ruined sauce on TV. Watch now…

Her cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” has now gone through 34 printings (from new printing plates), shows the popularity of her cook book.

Another First ..AT HOME…Dad’s HOLLANDAISE SAUCE Recipe

When I came home from school on the weekends, I looked forward to Saturday morning and great smells from the kitchen. Dad would get the mixing bowl out and start whipping egg yolks. I never saw him with a cook book. He used a dash of paprika and classic white pepper and salt. You could not distinguish the paprika – only the very slightest hint. Chefs that put too much in, ruin the sauce. “Less Is More”. One thing I learned about “less is more” if you identify the paprika you put too much in your recipe. Follow good rules and you can become a great chef!


Some recipes come by accident when you have to improvise or you can experiment with different flavours. Great new creations (recipes) are in the making when you allow yourself to take a chance.

MASSIMO told us this story at a book signing in TORONTO at George Brown College’s culinary class of chefs.

Massimo Bottura’s “Oops! I Dropped the Lemon Tart” Actually, one of his Chef’s did drop the lemon tart right on the plate, in the kitchen at his restaurant (Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy). It was a big success! Chef’s today are making swirls and decomposed desserts and entrees based on Massimo’s ‘mistake’.

BON APPETITE! … in Memory Of Julia Child


12 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Rihab says:

    My dear Eva, what an absolutely fabulous site! And soooo YOU! I love it! Great content with just the right dose of “learning” and humour level. You are a natural blogger and the world simply just knows how natural you are in the kitchen! You are an inspiration! And I will be trying some of these recipes as well! Actually, would you have a good recipe for quinoa? I’m trying to add it in my diet, but get bored with it.

    Love the site, love you, and continue on this beautiful journey!


    • Simply Splendid Food says:

      I am so glad that you are finding this interesting and I hope that you will have time to put this to use in your busy career touring and performing. I have several combinations in mind for quinoa and will post something this week for you.


    • Simply Splendid Food says:

      You have a great blog. Things I did not know about the Nile and all the historical journeys you share. It is not boring at all like some historical documentaries with stuff I already know. You really delve int these events and locations. I’m am so impressed. Glad I found you! 💗


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