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Simply Splendid Food is what we are all about. Treat your senses, savor the tastes and enjoy the flavours of our culinary creations. Canada’s most creative food at your door. We share award-winning  recipes from around the world. SSF invites you to create these spectacular recipes.
Tips and advise on how to cook it right.

Since February 16, 2015. I have received three blog awards for  “Simply Splendid Food”. Dragon’s Loyalty Award ( loyal fan/commenter: first award!), Starlight Blogger Award and Creative Blogger Award. I received the Sunshine Blogger Award (Oct 2022). It is a peer to peer award. Most of them are when you think about it. Some people think blog awards are a farce. But, I always think it is great. Someone took the effort to do something good!

  1. Recipe Development: I have a passion for creating new recipes, and am available to develop recipes for your company/brand.
  2. Conferences/Events: I am available to represent your company/brand at blog/food-related conferences or other food events and press trips.  My experiences will be shared  on my social networks:  Instagram,  Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and timely press releases.
  3. Brand Ambassador: I love supporting brands such as cook wear, knives and food companies. For more information and Media Price Kit, please contact me:
  4. Product Reviews and Giveaways: I will post offer giveaways for books and products on my blog /website.  I can write reviews on your product on the sidebar that is visible at all times.
  5. Editorial: I am available to write freelance content for your print or web-based publication.

If you have other ideas for ways in which you would like to partner with Simply Splendid Food, please contact me  at  with your proposal. You will receive a Marketing Price Kit.

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