Sotto Una Buona Stella – Under a Lucky Star

BUCA Restaurant in Yorkville
And it was a lucky star tonight for those who gathered at Buca Restaurant in Yorkville to enjoy having Michelin star Andrea Berton from Milan present a dinner with resident Chef Rob Gentile, Buca restaurant.  It was a full house for a magnificent meal. It was our great pleasure to enjoy an evening with such fine chefs and staff to assist them.  The spectacular dish of the evening was Chef Burton’s Uovo (Egg). A white chocolate shell which had a somewhat rough texture and appeared to be sprayed on a very lightly texture yogurt mouse    and exposed a brightly coloured mango yolk when you broke into it. It was not too sweet, had a lot of flavour and perfect texture. The yogurt mouse was almost ethereal in its lightness and texture.
Enchantment by the SEA
The second runner up was Chef Andreas’ black cod with russet potato, sweet pea, brodo di prosciutto.  Honourable mention must be given to the raw B.C. spot prawn crudo by Chef Gentile. This event benefited Community Food Centres Canada for low income communities.  A wonderful evening was had by all and for a good cause.



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