Your Foodie Tip – Onions

Every day when you cook something you almost invariably have to cut onions.  It appears to be unavoidable. Well, how are you cutting your onions?

IMG_1391If you cut your onions horizontally, you may have these unmanageable round rings in your soup and pick up the pieces on your spoon the soup can easily splatter. Don’t wear your good white blouse!

I remember  Julia Child discuss this as well.  Cut the onion in half from the root end to the tip and then slice.  That way the slices are manageable when eating a soup or another dish.  No long circular strands hanging down.IMG_1388

Please don’t cut off that stem.  If you leave the stems on your onion, you will have a handle to use to do your fine dicing.  If you watch the chef’s on TV dicing onions like a human Cuisinart, they never show cutting the end of the onion do they?
Well that’s a problem especially if you have no stem or handle it is difficult and not so elegant to deal with the end.  This is so much easier!IMG_1392