Bean Soup ~ A Powerhouse of Nutrients

BEANS are the most under valued item. There is a wealth of wholesome, delicious foods out there that are being neglected. One of them is the bean.
IMG_3479Use your chicken soup base for this tasty white bean and vegetable soup.  I used to think that beans were for granola crunchers.  Now I am a convert? Why? Not because those beans were flavourful. They give you protein that you need and the glycemic index is so low that you have the energy to carry on for hours without that energy “crash”.  The best thing to get from the fast food malls is chilli.  Great for the diabetics and the rest of us as well.
HAT2YOUR FOOD TIP for the singles:  I took out a  scoop of these beans with a slotted spoon and heated the white beans as a side dish with my meal.  Another plus for beans is that even if you combine them with a protein like chicken (which would be great added to this soup) or beef, you will not get that feeling of needing a big nap afterwards.  The digestive enzymes that break these food items down will not have a battle in your gut. You feel fine and you had good nutrition for your body.  You can add ingredients to jazz up the flavour of your soup:  oregano, paprika, parsley, raz al hanout, ground sumac, za’ater, the list goes on.  Your soup will be delicious too!


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