Turkey Stock

Having that wonderful turkey dinner?
Enjoying all the luscious protein?
Then do you throw out the turkey carcass?
Please don’t! You can make liquid gold out of this!
This is not a recipe but a process.
This is what I use for chicken as well, including the rotisserie chickens that you purchase at the grocery store already pre-cooked.

You are having guests at this turkey dinner anyway.
Get them to pitch in and help.
Before the dinner, have your large stockpot ready with water and put in an onion or two, some carrots and celery.
While you are preparing dinner, put in any tough woody stems or peelings of broccoli, asparagus, the cores of cauliflowers, trimmings of mushrooms and their stems along with some water. I will often freeze these to have them ready for a stock.
Whenever you have a burner free put this stockpot on it to have it ready.
Everyone will enjoy the meal and at the end have some guests cut off all of the meat from the carcass, store that away and then put the carcass in the stockpot. Some guests can clear the table and you will be organizing the dessert plating and presentation at this time.
Cover the turkey carcass with water to at least 1 inch over the top of the bird. Cook on medium heat while you are enjoying the dessert.
After the guests have left, add more water to the cover the turkey carcass by several inches and let this simmer on low heat overnight.
In the morning, turn off the heat and strain the turkey carcass and vegetables out of the stock.
Return the stock to the pot and reduce by a half of the original volume.
Pour this into glass mason jars using a canning funnel if you have one. You can also ladle this in. Always fill to the level. below the curved section of the glass. This is very important if you are going to freeze this stock.
Let these cool to almost room temperature and then refrigerate.
The reason you do this is that you do not want to place hot items in the refrigerator next to other foods, thereby warming them up and causing bacteria to grow.
The next day, while refrigerated the stock will have jelled and will have the most incredible flavour.
When you use this as a soup base you usually have to add a minimal amount to no salt at all and it is soooooo good.
If you are not using the it in the next few days, place the jars in the freezer with the LID OFF. Just rest the lid on the glass. Tighten the lids the following day as any expansion would have been complete and the glass will not break.
Do not store them in the freezer doors as the jars can knock each other and break.

didyouknowWhy should you freeze in glass?  It is inert and will not contaminate your food. The leaching out of Bisphenonl A and Phthalates are still a concern with plastics.  Keep you and your family happy and healthy and enjoy delicious soup!


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