Sweet 😊 Glycemic Index

What Do You Know About GLYCEMIC INDEX?

The GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI) is a number from 0 to 100 assigned to a food, with pure glucose (a simple sugar) arbitrarily given the value of 100. Glycemic Index ranks carbohydrate-containing foods by how quickly they digest and raise your blood sugar or glucose levels.

Women eating the highest glycemic load diets were much more likely on average to develop type 2 diabetes or heart disease compared to women of the same age with the lowest glycemic load diets ? provided by the large-scale Nurses’ Health Study

30 Day Challenge!

CHALLENGE DETAILS : Take a picture of yourself today, in the next 20 minutes. Apply a 2 week health regime. Whatever you want: a 10 day cleanse combined with another form of healthy eating. But, follow the GI Plan. Then, take a picture ath the end of the first 2 weeks wearing the same clothes print them both out. Place the pictures on the fridge or where you can see them every day. A good start! Now, in another 2 week later (totaling 4 weeks) take another picture wearing the exact same clothes We have ended 30 day challenge. What does you picture look like now after a total of 30 days. and when you started. If you have been honest with yourself, the results should amaze you and it will motivate you for continued progress. Let’s say you are watching what you eat & doing exercise routine; swimming and walking ti the store -id you can and some exercise plan you enjoy. Pilates is good? After 6 weeks -you will have developed what is called a new “HABIT”. Your new lifestyle has become a habit. Tell me if I am right! Whatever was missing in your life ~ make it happen! Fill your cup to the brim. I’m on your side. In weak moments send me a comment in this posting. I will respond. I am here to help. [Even as a shoulder to lean on].

Individuals who are pre-diabetic typically have fasting glucose levels (before a meal) that are nearly normal or only slightly elevated (usually < 100mg/dL).

DOWNLOAD CHART: Click “Glycemic -Index Images“below

High GI = 70+ .. try to avoid these
Medium GI = 55-69 .. use caution
Low GI = 0-54 .. your target zone.
Remember, this doesn’t mean these are necessarily “good for you foods”. They’re just a representation of their GI score ~ provided by glycemicedge.com.

Carbs Don’t Make You Fat – High GI DOES!

Adults: 2 cups of fruit every day ~ lowers risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer~



5 thoughts on “Sweet 😊 Glycemic Index

    • Simply Splendid Food says:

      So much terminology. Most basic definition comes from Latin or Greek words as you know. Hyper is easy. Hypo is a tough one since it is confused with hypodermic needle (to stimulate the body’s system). The meaning is a bit weak. Then, hypochondria, which is a different meaning to hypo. Hypo itself means below or under e.g. low sugar levels. Yes, it is a bit odd.

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      • Americaoncoffee says:

        English is a difficult language with prefixes that don’t add up. I am sure the cause comes from there being so many languages in the mix of English. Healthy recipes and advice are vital. I will stay out if the hyper and hypo loops. Thanks Much.

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      • Simply Splendid Food says:

        HAH HAH HAH!!! My native language is Finnish. It is different. I was hired to translate once and some English words did not exist in Finnish. Him and her were not there. French has il est (he is) and elle est (she is)..it goes on. I still can not spell in English. I have to look up words. Homer’s HUH is now in the dictionary!!! -Nice to hear from you! Cheers! ⭐ ⭐ ☕ ​🌱​☕​​💤​☕​😴​


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