Soil Based Organisms ~ Trending

What is Soil based Organisms?

From farm to table has taken a whole, new meaning. A new, healthy, earthy trend has gone main stream. What exactly is “soil-based organisms” type food? In a nutshell, soil based (probiotics) plants/vegetables are combined with organic (preboiotics) soil and produces soil based organism -carrots- for example. No more peeling carrots. High end restaurants like Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark and restaurants in Switzerland, add dirt directly or indirectly to their menu. Reindeer Moss (below) is good earthy food. In Switzerland, forest soil dug about 3 feet below the surface, combined with Swiss chocolate and grilled on a rock is a delightful snack! I actually remember my mom baking dirt in the oven (sterilizing soil). No, it was not dinner. She used it in the garden.

We are better off getting our probiotic bacteria from dirt than from foods like yogurt (a probiotic food). Yogurt is good. However, think about diversifying. Good gut bacteria thrive and increases your microbiome (healthy bacteria).

Is it Safe?

The answer is yes. Clean soil is preferred. e.g. organic rich soil with many nutrients. Remember, the food you eat alters you DNA. Science tells us “You are not the DNA or genes you had a birth. ” as Dr. Dean Ornish has discovered and shared with us.

MY STORY: I made roast duck with pickled turnip, radicchio and cabbage slaw with a side of roasted ‘dirty’ carrots. The carrots was an unexpected delight. The diced carrot tops sit on top of the grilled carrots -unbelievably delicious! Do not throw out the carrot tops.

Grilled ‘Dirty’ Carrots Recipe

Grilled 'Dirty' Carrots

  • Servings: 3-5
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

•  3 lbs of carrots with carrot tops
•   garlic
•  Butter
•   3 tablespoons of olive oil
•   1 tsp. salt

Preheat over to 400 degrees F. (200C)
•   Rinse carrots without pealing the outer skin. Scrub off the major dirt with water.
•   Cut off the green carrot tops and chop like herbs to add on top of the carrots
•   Cut carrots in half. Toss with 1\2 butter and 1\2 olive oil and place on an oven safe skillet and brown (about 6-8 minutes). Add garlic and stir until fragrant; another 2-3 minutes. Salt carrots and place in the oven and roasted until soft. But, enough bite to stay firm. (about 20 minutes)
•   Add chopped carrot tops (chimichurri) over the carrots and extra on the side.
Carrot Top (Chimichurri) RECIPE
•   Green carrot tops
•   Cilantro – 1 cup clopped -no stems (leaves only)
•   2 Garlic cloves(grate -hand mix or use whole -in food processor)
•   1 TBSP. Dried oregano
•   1 1/2 TBSP. Red wine vinegar
•   3/4 cup Extra virgin olive oil
•   1 tsp. kosher salt
Mix all ingredients together in a food processor or by hand. Pour oil at the end slowly in your food processor. [Store up to 4 days in fridge]

NOTE: Your cilantro will not taste ‘soapy’ if you do not chop the stems of the cilantro for this carrot-top chimichurri.

SPRING Planting Ideas

Soil based herbs like basil is grown in organic (prebiotic) soil. This spring, grow your soil based organisms!

Soil Based

Bold, fresh, organic herbs straight from the living plant. An organic living herb plant is grown in organic soil for the best flavor. Keep them watered on your kitchen counter, clip as needed, and liven up any meal.

Bacteria that live in our bodies (sometimes referred to as the “microbiome“). The gut microbiome (located in the large and small intestines) makes vitamin K along with processing your food and promoting overall body health.

LISTEN To This Podcast

Beyond FODMAPS have various podcasts on any health topics that are worth a LISTEN! –>>>

Beth says, “Know food facts from fiction.” Build YOUR personal, healthiest diet!

Good Bacteria vs. Bad bacteria

Good bacteria in your body protects you from various allergies and dis-eases. Scientists explore and study all bacteria. Good bacteria is found in green, orange, purple, red and yellow vegetables and fruit. At restaurants like Noma, flowers, moss and mushrooms are served daily. Whatever is in season. It is the way to healthy living; the best road to travel.

Three Michelin Stars

NOMA team rest after a hike near Kyoto, Japan

Fast forward to 2022 – Noma has finally received its Third Michelin Star, and has again topped the list of the World’s 50 Top restaurants. Reservations during vegetable season will be announced Feb 27, 2023 NOMA: Noma is going world wide with some pop-up restaurants as it closes their doors in Copenhagen on Dec. 2024. The pop-ups serve samples of culinary delights from the Noma kitchen lab. Buy infused vinegar online. More to come!

Noma travels to Kyoto, Japan

Hassun in Japanese means ‘excite’!

Hassun – served in Japan is a series of small plates that are presented in front of you in unison as a reflection of what’s in season in the mountain, in the grasslands, in the ocean.
HASSUN ..the NOMA way—the first grouping of dishes on the menu – small bites to enjoy at Noma. (appetizer or even for an entree -no distinction)

 Noma serves from 6’oclock:
– Fresh yuba with wild greens
– Koji and red ginger
– Dried tomato and roses
– Cherry Leaf with black garlic
– Pollen and tomato

The Noma team is planning to be back in Japan in November, 2023.


16 thoughts on “Soil Based Organisms ~ Trending

  1. Stacey says:

    I love your idea for using carrot tops! I have to admit, I have tried eating them with the rest of the carrot but never been able to enjoy them. Maybe the mix of flavors you have suggested is the answer. Either way, I love not wasting! I remember being gobsmacked when I learned that we are supposed to be eating the stems of most herbs, and it’s only here in the United States that we throw them away!


    • Simply Splendid Food says:

      The carrot tops were a surprise. The first time I had them I could not believe it. The preparation is really key to its flavour. I suspect you could add them chopped like dill to flavour various dishes too. I have not tried it yet. Most carrots do not include the tops at the local grocery store. (hard to find). But, a new way of cooking to explore.


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