Thomas Keller ~Michelin Star

THOMAS KELLER:  World-renowned chef, entrepreneur and mentor to young chefs.

“His cooking career began in the mid-1970s at the Palm Beach Yacht Club. His mother managed the restaurant, and his older brother, Joseph, helped teach him in the kitchen. published by”

Today, Thomas Keller’s restaurants on both side of the US coasts have won many awards. There is a screen in the kitchen of the French Laundry in California that is hooked up to Per Se in New York. The two kitchens can talk to each other.  Each kitchen can see the other kitchen’s operation.
With the magic of the Internet allows you to see a Chef Thomas Keller Cooking lesson!!!

Thoma Keller and Chef Eva (me)

Chef Thoma Keller and Chef Eva (me)

Both the Michelin three-star Per Se in Manhattan and The French Laundry in California have been on the list of top restaurants in the world.
While visiting New York, Thomas Keller  did a book signing.  In this photo Thomas Keller is signing all four of my cookbooks:
1) The French Laundry
2) Bouchon
3) Bouchon Bakery
4) Ad Hoc
I enjoyed his signature dishes while I was in Manhattan. That iridescent light in the picture was a camera flaw. But how appropriate it was. A glowing day!

In Manhattan

Thomas Keller Restaurant Per Se In Manhattan (Tuna Tartare -cornets)

Back home in Toronto (Canada) I recreated Thomas Keller’s Cornets with black sesame seeds from Thomas Keller’s very first cookbook:  The French Laundry Cookbook.  “Salmon Tartare with Sweet Red Onion Creme Fraiche” pg. 6

At home in Toronto

Thomas Keller’s Cornet Creation Recipe – at home in Toronto


A lot of chefs talk about Thomas Keller. When you simply speak his name, your credibility as a chef is elevated. There was a great vintage TV commercial (1970-1980). “When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen”. This statement applies to Thomas Keller. Dinner at his restaurants will run you about $600. You must be able to demand these prices, and his restaurants are always full.

One of 11 Cookbooks written by Thomas Keller

One of 11 cookbooks written by Thomas Keller

Chef Thomas Keller has been a mentor to some of the greatest 3 star Michelin chefs today (Grant Achatz).  Great chefs that come from great mentors occurs when a willing chef has the curiosity of blending foods that accentuate taste and bring various flavours to your palate. Trying to make food art is part of it. That is why the phrase “The eye does half the eating” is true. And tastes so good that you have to enjoy this meal another time. (alas the spawn of cookbooks.) Food needs to be enjoyed at all levels. Thomas Keller is a master in the culinary world, who stays on top each and every year. What I personally like about Chef Thomas Keller is his willingness to work with his staff. They are all Chefs in Keller’s kitchen. They all contribute. That is how he brings out the best from his chefs. They want to please the palate of a true master Chef like Thomas Keller.  First thing in the morning, Keller would grab his mop out for the floors and wipe down his workstation. Those days are over.  Keller is still in the kitchen. Now, his role is more of a mentor, overseeing food preparation in the kitchen. Thank goodness!

I wanted to learn everything I could about what it takes to be a great chef. It was a turning point for me...quote by Thomas Keller


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    • Simply Splendid Food says:

      Hello Linda, My favourite book is The French Laundry. I love the caesar salad recipe especially. You can get this on line as well but the book gives inspiration and many ideas. My second favourite is Bouchon which goes into detailed descriptions on how to properly make seemingly simple foods like roast chicken and quiche. You will never look at these foods quite the same again. My culinary instructor was asking me how I made the delicious quiche which I brought him a piece of. You will not be disappointed!

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